World Cup 2015 Expected Goals Maps

r16_brazil_australiar16_canada_switzerlandr16_china_cameroonr16_france_southkorar16_germany_swedenr16_japan_netherlandsr16_norway_englandr16_usa_colombiar16_usa_colombia_firstgc_switzerland_japange_colombia_mexicoge_france_englandgf_brazil_koreagf_spain_costaricagc_cameroon_ecuadorgd_usa_australiaga_canada_china ga_netherlands_newzealand gb_germany_cote gb_norway_thailand gd_nigeria_sweden


World Cup Projections

(Note: these didn’t turn out so great.)

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2014 World Cup Projections:

The hardest part of building an international football ranking system is dealing with strength of schedule. By raw goals ratio, the three best teams in the world over the last several years are Brazil, Spain and Germany. That sounds good, but fourth is… Iran. Without accounting for schedule, there is no way to do this sort of analysis.